"Sir" William LaRouge



Noble Preteender
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Pete knows)
Searching for my legend
No real military training.
I will be better then those high and mighty nobles

Rugged upbringing (endurance)
Hunter (agility/ perception)
hot head (willpower)
Duty and honor (resources) “twin magic pistols”
With the name I got the rival houses (persuasion) 


Signature item (duty and honor)
Evasive step, once/scene reduce damage by Agl roll
Fast talker, 2 to convince people of things
Weapon master revolver p & guns akimbo p (duelist gloves) AP 4
Aura of command p (Broch of leadership) AP 2
Free runner +2 running on difficult terrain
Home turf Forrest  
1 to physical actions in forest
Stealth +1 to avoid being detected
Survivalist +2 to survive in wilderness


Duty and honor (magical revolvers) reliable, small, magic powered
+4 damage. (fiery p) duty, (shocking p) honor

Armor (captains buff jacket) 4 slot, 6 AR  passive

Ring of metal fortitude 4 slot 4  mental AR

Wilderness survival kit


"Sir" William LaRouge

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