Racklaw Kylebuild v1.0



Newborn Gloam with an unknown purpose.
I was sent here for something, and I must find out what.
We have lived long, and know much.
Nothing shall stand between my purpose and I.
Time means little to the Gloam, and I am Gloam.

End – Rock is my flesh.
Per – There is much you can see, if you take the time to look.
Kno – There is something I am forgetting, and I must remember.
Will – The World Shard stands forever.
Per – i am of the World, and the World knows best.


Armour – Improved, Passive. 4AP
Living Rock. 6 AP
Slow by Nature – -2 on all mental and physical rolls. +4 AP
Control – Toxicitation. 5 AP. (AoE WR5 every 12 hours)
Body Weaponry – World Crystal Shards – WR 4 – Armor Pen. 1 AP




Racklaw Kylebuild v1.0

Resurgence of the Breathless Racklaw