The common human is a regular sight everywhere in the world. In the ancient times, humans ruled a vast and highly advanced magical empire steeped in Techno Wizardry (see Techno Wizardry (Breathless specific, some human exceptions), and led by a cadre of the most powerful mages, known as the Arcanists. However; there came a time where the Arcanists discovered a way to marry Death Magic and Techno Wizardry in such a way as to create a race of semi-sentient undead beings out of the remains of the living. These flesh golems served as peasants and warriors, affording human society the luxury of descending into decadence. The Arcanists marched their undead army across the continent, conquering all they could see. They did this in the name of their religion, which consisted of magic worship, and placed the Arcanists in a position of divinity. Literally led by their gods, the human empire murdered millions in their efforts to take over the world. However; over time, the flesh golems (now mass-produced for the war machine) began to expand on their semi-sentient nature, graduating to full-blown self-awareness. They began to rebel against their masters more and more, and the human empire eventually collapsed in a civil war where the living fought the dead.

After the fall of the empire, the flesh golems declared themselves the Breathless, and spread forth from the former seat of human power in a cataclysmic even known as the Genocide. The land now know as Dirgehaven‘s original name has been lost to time. As the Breathless drove the humans out of their ancestral home, they murdered and re-raised all living things they encountered. The Breathless also burned all trace of human civilization for thousands of miles in all directions, blanketing the sky in ash and causing an Ice Age that lasted 6,000 years. The Wastelands is now all that remains of the birthplace of human kind, with Dirgehaven lying at it’s centre. Humans fled into the lands of Olphant (which, at the time, included Stevenshearth to rebuild their society.

For the next 15, 000, the Astae and the humans slowly rebuilt their shattered civilizations, and due to the necessity of survival, much of the ancient histories faded into myth. Some old human Techno Wizard relics survived the Genocide, but these artefacts are rare and hoarded by collectors. There is a school of Techno Wizardry in Olphant dedicated to the acquisition, maintenance and study of these powerful objects, and some humans have even begun to bring back the lost art. However; these humans are shunned by nearly every society, even in Olphant, as Techno Wizardry is commonly held accountable for the events which led up to the Genocide.

Humans are still quite proficient with magic, but are suspicious of it by nature. For several millennia after the Genocide, mages were hunted and killed in great numbers. Today, mages are tolerated, but often the subject of prejudice by most human communities. On the other hand, as humans began to loose touch with their magical roots, they began to make up the difference with scientific advancement.

Humans slowly progressed through a tribal stone age during the 6,000 year ice age. Once the ice age finally gave way, humans progressed slightly more rapidly through a bronze age, and then again more rapidly through an iron age. During this time, tribes became city-states, and eventually monarchies. In time, the monarchies came together to elect a High King to rule over all of Olphant, and this form of government proceeds to this day.

Then, 2,500 years ago, humans again started to expand their lands. They re-took Shard, and re-discovered the Glome, whom completely forgot humans existed at all in their absence. 1,000 years ago, the land of Stevenshearth seceded from Olphant in a bloody war for independence. When the dust cleared, Stevenshearth was it’s own nation (founded by Philip Stevens). Stevens was a staunch democrat, and with his guidance, Stevenshearth eventually became the only true democracy in the world.

Mandatory Advantages
Suspicious by Nature – get a +2 to rolls VS decpetion; AP cost: 1

Mandatory Weaknesses
Tainted by History – get a -2 to all persuasion and deception rolls VS Astae where Astae is defender; AP bonus: 1

Racial Bonus
Can take Craft Power Item (Techno Wizardry) at -1 to the base AP cost.


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