The Glome are a race of living rock creatures who are enigmatic and reclusive, and hail from the mountainous Shard. There are never more than 7777 Glome in existence at one time. Glome are effectively immortal, only being able to die by violence or accidental death. Every time a Glome dies, a new Glome is formed at the World Crystal (from which Shard gets it’s name) deep underground. No one alive knows where this massive crystal came from, nor do they know how the Glome operate or use their unique abilities. Human scientists and mages have been studying them for hundreds of years, but to little effect. Glome are usually tall, thin bipeds made of solid rock, but with veins of other minerals lacing their bodies. However; Glome have been known to come in all sorts of different forms (making a Glome character who is NOT a bipedal humanoid will require the appropriate AP costs for modifications).

They cannot use any of the schools of magic, though there are those among them who can use the art of Toxicitation (see Toxicitation (Glome specific)). However; they prize Human tech, and have even been known to have discovered some scientific advances of their own based on traditional human sciences. Glome did not advance in any intellectual pursuits until humans invaded their homeland roughly 2500 years ago and introduced the sciences to them. Until that time, they lived sedentary lives, and they would often sit in one place for decades at a time.

After the introduction of human sciences, the Glome began a cultural revolution, which led them to become steadfast allies of the human nation Olphant, as well as Stevenshearth (the cosmopolitan nation founded by humans, and retains a human majority population). After willingly living through a 1234 year occupation by humans, the Glome expressed an interest in self-government inspired by the human-created democracy of Stevenshearth. Through peaceful talks over several years, the Glome won Shard for themselves once more.

Glome society was nearly non-existent. Until the humans came, Glome simply moved listlessly about the landscape of Shard, and never strayed far from their mountainous home. They have no vocal language of their own, though they can vibrate themselves in ways which can mimic the syllabary of other races. This can be unnerving at times for other races, as the Glome always emit noise from their entire bodies, and their speech always has a metallic quality to it.

They are peaceful by nature, but will often use Toxicitation when threatened. After humans, the Glome began to emulate human society, though at a much slower pace than the short-lived mammals. Over time, Glome even began to develop personalities of their own, though in most cases these are exaggerated versions of common human traits. Also; over the years, Glome have begun to form their own sort of caste system, based on the rarity of the minerals in their bodies and their age. This came about because of the way humans would fawn over older/rarer Glome.

The Glome are long lived, but even the oldest of them cannot remember the ancient world. The recorded oldest living Glome is only 3,579 years old, and prior to human occupation 2,500 years ago, the Glome did not keep a written history.

Manditory Advantages
Armour – natural armour(Strands of Power pg. 43-45); AP cost: 4 (1 base + 1 for Improved + 2 for Passive) NOTE: You can spend more AP on Improved at character creation, at a maximum of 2 extra AP.

Living Rock – you are immune to all types of poisons and diseases; do not need to breath, sleep nor eat; do not suffer from fatigue; and do not age; AP cost: 6.

Manditory Weaknesses
Slow by Nature – player gets a -2 to all mental and physical simple actions (excepting willpower and endurance rolls). This includes combat actions. The player may avoid this penalty by taking two turns instead of one to perform a simple action; AP bonus: 4.

Racial Bonus
Glome get -1 to the base AP cost of the Body Weaponry power.


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