The Astae are a willowy race of humanoid quadrupeds. They have four legs ending in prehensile feet, which have opposable digits, and two upper arms. They primarily live in vast, living wood cities which they craft using their natural aptitude with Life magic. The Astae lifespan is anywhere between 200 and 250 years. They are very skilled survivalists and boast some of the most agile warriors in the world. They largely shun human technology in more rural areas, but in the cities, where there are strong Human presences, human tech is more commonplace.

The Astae do not have any surviving histories from before the Genocide. In the ancient times, the Astae were spread out in isolated communities spanning most of the north-westernmost areas of the continent. When the human empire conquered the Astae lands, they enslaved the Astae, and erased any and all of the meagre written and oral history they had. However; after the events of the Genocide, the Astae used their cunning survival skills to not only survive the resulting ice age, but thrive, bringing about the vast, sophisticated civilization they boast today.

Their society evolved from tribal roots to an aristocracy based on noble houses. Their ruling class consists of a counsel of Lords, who vote in a High Lord every 50 years. In order for a common family to attain noble status, they must be gifted nobility by the High Lord. The High Lord, may also take a family’s noble status away, though not without proof of criminal activity. All laws are voted on by the aristocracy, with the common folk getting no say in political matters.

Socially, the Astae are rather prejudice as a people. Their disdain for other cultures stems from a history of isolationism, but in more metropolitan areas this racism is lessened. Usually, the more cosmopolitan of the Astae seek homes outside of Astae controlled provinces.

There are three provinces controlled by the Astae: Yuri, Mi-showw, and Holy Astae. Each province is a part of the Astae Empire, and is home to different sub-races of Astae, which are covered in each provinces’ individual wiki. Each province used to be it’s own tribal nation, until Yuri banded each nation together in a common empire. Each province has it’s own take on the same religion, which is a reverence for the natural sphere, and devotion to the well being of the Earth. Though some tenants and traditions may vary, each land follows the same basic teachings.

Manditory Powers
Extra Limbs – 2 extra legs (Strands of Power pg. 71-72); AP cost: 3 (2 base + 1 for Efficient)
Feet as Hands (agility; P); AP cost: 2 – You may use your feet for any task where you would otherwise need a hand.

Racial Bonus
Control Life can be purchased at base cost of 5 AP


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