Batshit Insane Glome Gangleader


In every society there are destitute, and in most societies those destitute rage ineffectually all alone. But in Robstown, those destitute did not rage alone. Keirmet came to Robstown 32 years ago, and immediately settled in the slums. He was surly, brutish, and brutal, quickly rising to the top of the scum hierarchy. Once in control, he began to give sermons about freedom of choice and the poor being socially pinned by the rich, unable to choose for themselves. The homeless, hopelessly addicted, and the catastrophically maladjusted rose up and went to war with the upper class of Robstown. That war ended quickly, lasting no more than two months, but Keirmet carved a section of the city out for himself and his unfortunates. Now, no one enters the slums, and anyone from inside the slums caught sneaking around it the higher class areas are imprisoned or taken back. Keirmet is charming, unpredictable, and utterly ruthless.



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