Defining: Gifted student of mental magic

If I was stronger my sister would still be alive
Kicked out of the worlds greatest College for mental magic
I am a kinder heart then I will admit
Craves adoration of others

Specialty Aspects

A mind of natural force(mind)
They hunt me and I don’t know why (persuasion)
Never had a use for histories or science (Kng)
Force of economic prosperity (persuasion )
Spralling tavern and brothel complex(resources)

Str 2
Agil 2
Endur 2
Per 1

Craft 1
Kng 2
Will 3
Reason 2

Dec 1
Empathy 1
Persuasion 3
Res 3

Mental 4

Refresh 6


Aura of trust (p)

Influence thoughts edge +2, cost one FP

Telkenetik bolt dif 4, WR 7, pushes target one zone away

First impression ( +2 on first persuasion roll against target)

Preceding reputation +1 to social attacks, doesn’t work if ID is secret

Five minute friend , with one FP and five minutes make a steadfast friend

Inspiring leadership, spend a fate point to divid 3 temp FP among allies


Cloak of protection 6ar and 4 mental AR passive 5 s

Rod of influence
(imbue creature, Other only, Ranged, Strenuous Dif 4 instead of FP)
Rage p, Paranoid P, Blind P, Fearless P, Love Struck P

Fragmentation grenade ExR +8 area 1



Resurgence of the Breathless RyanQuirt