Welcome to Earth. It’s not the Earth you know, but an Earth nestled in it’s own little corner of the multiverse.

You and your colleagues are a band of mercenaries called The Helping Hand. You all hail from different backgrounds, but were brought together over the years by the Strands of Fate under the banner of the Hand. The Hand is known to take all kinds of jobs, though some groups specialize in certain areas. The Hand will take anyone with a marketable skill, and put them toward furthering it’s power and influence. Since it’s inception 234 years ago, the Hand has grown into a sprawling wealthy secret society of adventures, both heroic and villainous, stretching from one coast of the continent to the other.

Your band is based out of Robstown in Stevenshearth, roughly a day’s journey to the border of The Wastelands.

Look to the wiki tab for information on organisations, societies, races, and available power abilities.

Resurgence of the Breathless

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